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Hiking safety precautions

Before leaving, the group leader will give instructions on behavior during the hike, you will sign the form and follow the following rules:

Don't split up!

This is the most important rule. Before going anywhere or taking a different route, inform the instructor. And only if he allows it, you can go. This is necessary to know where to look for you.

Do not overtake the instructor. The instructor goes first; it is permissible to overtake him only a little so that you can hear him.

Listen to the instructor.

If the instructor asks for something, it must be done. You can ask why this is so - but do it, don’t argue.

Do not litter.

Don’t leave any trash along the way, not even candy wrappers. We will try to take all trash – ours and others’ – with us to the organized trash bin. It happens that this is a populated area at the end of the hike. Therefore, do not take with you anything that will become trash.

You cannot wash dishes, brush your teeth, do laundry, etc. under the stream of the spring. Fill up with water and move aside, or downstream. Otherwise, an unpleasant garbage puddle will form under the spring.

Don't be silent and don't be a hero.

If it’s hard for you, something hurts, be sure to tell the instructor about it. He will help you in any case. For example, he will adjust or unload his backpack, make an unplanned stop, or change the pace of walking. If your shoes rub, don’t wait for blisters. As soon as you notice redness, immediately cover the problem area with a fabric-based bandage, without bandage or cotton pads. Inspect your feet and also tape off any reddened areas - they will still start to rub later. If you don’t have your own patch, don’t be shy and ask your instructor.

Walk without shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath is when you breathe very quickly, but still there is not enough air. You have to stop every 5-10 minutes and rest. Such a ragged rhythm greatly overloads and exhausts the body. Shortness of breath means you are walking too fast. Slow down your pace so that you can walk for 30-40 minutes without resting. So in the end it will be faster and safer for the whole body. Breathe only through your nose, deeply. If it’s hard, then don’t talk.

Solve all personal needs at rest stops. Sanitation, changing clothes, adjusting backpacks, etc.

Tourists are obliged:

Treat nature and historical and cultural monuments with care.

Be mutually polite and friendly towards each other.

Behave tactfully towards local residents and respect their traditions.

Provide yourself with the necessary specific medications in advance and notify the instructor about your illness.

In case of any incidents or complaints, immediately inform the instructor.


Participate in a hike if there are medical contraindications for this type of activity.

Be in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

Try unknown berries and mushrooms.

Smell and pick unknown flowers.

Swim or swim in any body of water without the permission of the instructor.

If a tourist fails to comply with the instructor’s requirements or violates the above “Rules of Conduct while Hiking,” the instructor is relieved of responsibility for the life and health of such a tourist. Also in this case, the instructor has the right to remove the tourist from the route without refunding the cost of the trip.

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