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What is a hike and why is it needed?

Many people think that a hike is an active sightseeing tour of a set of attractions. This is fundamentally wrong! With us you will see what a hike really is and what benefits you can get from it. Next, a little theory to prepare for practice)

A hike is a complete change of activity, environment and a break from ordinary life. Your ordinary life is turned upside down here, and you shouldn’t cling to city habits; many will just have to be forgotten for a while. Very often, after returning home, you discover that some things in your life are unnecessary hassles, and only take up time and money!

The main thing in a hike is the difficulties of a different nature and the joy of overcoming them. Photos of beautiful nature and attractions on your social networks are a nice bonus, but not the purpose of the trip. Yes, initially all our routes are built on a chain of attractions and beautiful views. And your choice of route is based precisely on this chain. But it may happen that you will not see even half of what is declared. The weather in the mountains is changeable and unpredictable. We can wander like hedgehogs in the fog, in the rain, not seeing anything further than 10m, trying not to go astray for several days. But believe me, this is the kind of hike that is remembered as the best! It is here that you will find yourself on the edge of your capabilities and will be surprised to cross it, discovering new horizons for yourself. After such adventures, difficulties in everyday life will be perceived and overcome more simply and calmly.

Therefore, please, tune in not only to camp romance in the form of a campfire, a hotel of a thousand stars, endless open spaces and snow-white peaks. Yes, this will all happen. But be prepared to overcome yourself, calluses, tears and everything that befalls you... Practice shows that everyone will be given exactly that set of “accidents” that will help solve their pressing life problems. On a hike you understand very clearly that accidents are not accidental. Most often, lessons from above come in the form of uncomfortable situations. It could be unpleasant weather, people, clothing, local customs and much more. It is important not to close yourself off from all this and not try to purely mechanically eliminate discomfort, while exuding dissatisfaction. You will only waste your energy and ruin the mood for yourself and those around you. You need to try to come to terms with the situation and even benefit.

An experienced guide will be next to you; ask him about everything, tell him about difficulties and problems. You will always receive an adequate answer. It will not always fit with your habits and worldview. But it’s better to do as the guide says, and make sure that this is what you need at the moment.

The hike will bring you a lot of bright emotions and I really want it to become not only a pleasure, but also beneficial.

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