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Corporate events

Today Good Rest – Tomorrow Productive Work!

Joint recreation of the company team always has a positive effect on work results and the quality of solutions to professional problems. Colleagues communicate in an informal setting, which gives them the opportunity to relax, relieves emotional stress and, often, helps resolve conflicts within the team. Especially if you organize active corporate events - team building or a corporate field trip. For managers, a corporate event is a good time to get to know their employees better. During such events, people show new qualities, and during a casual conversation, you can take note of ideas and proposals for improving the work of the company as a whole.
We organize active corporate events in nature, for 1 or more days, with meals and experienced instructors. See for yourself:

  • Kayaking – kayak trips. You can choose ready-made options or we will create a special tour according to your wishes.
  • Hiking – hiking in Moldova, Romania and abroad;
  • Speleological trips – descents into various caves;


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