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2 days


- km by water


21 people



Rafting on the Dnister

Naslavcea - Heart of Moldova

Naslavcha is the northern point of Moldova!

Rafting Naslavcha-Kalarashovka will take place soon. In the meantime, we are preparing and remembering how it was last time.

Let's tell you some facts about this place! Once, having been here, you fall in love with these places and take with you in your heart delight and a desire to return. Here you will find an area that can easily be confused with mountainous Switzerland! Distance from the main tourist trails and central cities “Saved” this place from civilization. And preserved the natural beauty of these places!

Naslavcha is comfortably located on the banks of the Dniester between high picturesque hills. Very close is Karpov Yar, a state-protected paleontological monument. Fans of ancient eras can see and touch with their own eyes black shales with phosphorites, schistous clays, thin layers with imprints of Sarmatian fish and plants!

The Dniester, flowing between the hills and villages, forms bizarre bends and washes the wooded island in the shape of a heart. They say that this is the heart of the Dniester itself. And you have a chance to see and feel it!

It must also be said that archaeological expeditions have been working on the territory of the village and in the surrounding area for many years. For example, back in 1958, the oldest settlement of the 8th-9th centuries was studied during excavations, which local residents called “At the Crosses.”

Anything you need to know

Questions and answers

1. Program

— Walk around Naslavche;

— Trout farm;

— Island in the shape of a heart;

— Kalarashovka Monastery.

3. Personal equipment

For the trip, it is important to take the following things: a backpack for personal belongings, a rug/mat/foam, basic shoes and flip-flops, a sun hat or buff, sunglasses, sunscreen, a personal first aid kit, personal hygiene items, a mug, a spoon and a plate.

2. What is included in the price

Transfer of the group Chisinau-Naslavcea-Chisinau, instruction and support by an experienced instructor with knowledge of the surrounding area. All participants will be provided with food throughout the program, cooking over a fire. Use of general equipment, including kitchen and fire equipment, as well as a group first aid kit. Our experts will provide consultations and give recommendations on the selection of equipment and clothing. Participants will enjoy stunning scenery, new contacts and an unforgettable travel experience!

4. Additional information

All rafting participants are instructed on the rules of using kayaks and behavior on a water trip and undertake to follow them. Registration is required.

For any additional questions, as well as registration issues, please contact:
Rusnac Dimian

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