Kayaking and Trekking to Lake Vidraru in Romania - AdventureTime


1 day


20 km by water


up to 30 people



Rafting on the Vidraru

Kayaking and hiking on Lake Vidraru. Romania

A trip that combines a water, mountain and cultural program to the famous places of Romania! We will spend the first day on the famous Lake Vidraru, after mandatory instructions on how to operate a water vehicle, we will cross the expanses of water in kayaks. After going out on the water, the whole reservoir is at our disposal, then we will go to the Kalugaritsa waterfall. Let's relax in this fabulous setting - shrouded in water, green forests and powerful mountains! We will also visit the Valea Lui Stan Canyon - a uniquely beautiful place and one of the few canyons in Romania that is open to passage without special equipment. This is one of the most impressive routes in Romania that will not soon be forgotten! It's incredible that you can see so much natural beauty in such a small area. The route will be interesting for both experienced tourists and beginners! 

Next is the Transfagaras Highway. High mountain road in the Romanian Carpathians, the most beautiful in Europe. On the way home we will stop at the beautiful Bylya Lak cabana, where we will have a delicious lunch. Lake Bylya is an unimaginably beautiful natural reservoir located at an altitude of 2040 m in the Fagaras mountain range.

Some dreamed of kayaking, some of going on a trek across Romania, and others had only heard about the Transfagarasan Highway. This event is a traveler's find.

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1. Program

— We’ll spend the day at the famous Lake Vidraru;

- We will devote another day to the gorge - Valea lui Stan Canyon. We will go through the forest, climb stairs, climb chains, and also follow the river;

- We will return home famous
Transfagarasan serpentines;
— We will spend the night in a cottage near the shores of Lake Vidraru;
— We will walk and swim lightly, since we will leave all our things at the hotel;
— In the evening we are waiting for: starry skies, games and sincere conversations around the fire.

3. Personal equipment

For the trip, it is important to take the following things: a backpack for personal belongings, a rug/mat/foam, basic shoes and flip-flops, a sun hat or buff, sunglasses, sunscreen, a personal first aid kit, personal hygiene items, a mug, a spoon and a plate.

2. What is included in the price

The price includes instruction and accompaniment by an experienced instructor with knowledge of the surrounding area. All participants will be provided with food throughout the program, cooking over a fire. Use of general equipment, including kitchen and fire equipment, as well as a group first aid kit. Our experts will provide consultations and give recommendations on the selection of equipment and clothing. Participants will enjoy stunning scenery, new contacts and an unforgettable travel experience!

4. Additional information

All rafting participants are instructed on the rules of using kayaks and behavior on a water trip and undertake to follow them. Registration is required.

For any additional questions, as well as registration issues, please contact:

Rusnac Dimian


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