Трёхместная каркасная байдарка Psel VICTORIA-3

Frame kayak “VICTORIA-3

34,000 MDL

The kayak has very good buoyancy and capacity, as it was designed for long tourist passages along calm rivers and coastal waters of the seas. The bow and stern parts are raised, which makes it easier to control the vessel, and also to feel more confident on the waves of open water bodies. The bottom of the kayak is oval, which ensures stability on the water when loading/unloading passengers. This model took into account as much as possible all the difficulties that tourists face during camping life.

The Viktoria-3 kayak can be used to implement technically complex routes with large kilometers and extreme conditions, as well as expeditions in regions remote from civilization.



  • The frame consists of an anodized pipe, grade 6060 and D16T.
  • The frames are cut from FSF plywood and coated with moisture-resistant varnish.
  • It has large cargo compartments in the bow and stern, and cargo can also be placed along the sides of the kayak;
  • Equipped with comfortable inflatable seats;
  • The design of the kayak frame has a number of original technical solutions (paired stringer system), which allows you to assemble the boat in less than 20 minutes;
  • The kayak has five frames made of moisture-resistant marine plywood - thanks to this, the frame of this model has increased strength and reliability;
    The shell is made of wear-resistant boat fabric with a density of 800 g/m2, the top is 650 g/m2.
  • The bottom is glued along the stringers and keelson with a special protector;
  • Durable carrying handles;
  • Performs well on waves and in crosswinds;
  • The kayak is packed in a water bag 120 cm * 50 cm * 50 cm


  • Length 5.7 m.
  • Width – 0.90m.
  • Weight in the backpack – 28 kg.
  • Number of seats – 3 adults
  • Load capacity – 400kg.
  • Bag size – 120x50x50 cm (23.4 kg)
  • Assembly time is about 20 minutes.


  • Frame
  • PVC sheath
  • 3 inflatable seats
  • 3 oars
  • Bag
  • Assembly instructions
  • Repair kit
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