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Cave Exploration

Atlantis Cave (Ukraine)

Do you want new adventures and discoveries or just want to take a break from the bustle of the city and forget about your accumulated problems? Swap your tie for a helmet, your fashionable suit for overalls, and your office for the fantastic landscapes of hilly Podolia and go ahead with us for extreme pleasure! Among the karst caves of Ukraine, Atlantis occupies a special place. It is located on the slope of the picturesque valley of the Zbruch River near the village of Zavalye, Kamenets-Podolsk district, Khmelnitsky region.

Anything you need to know

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1. Program

The route covers a larger part of the cave. The main object of visit is the Dynamo Hall, where extremely picturesque clusters of stalactites, crystals and helectites delight the eye. Visit the “Temple of the Gods”, the “Yesenin” hall, see with your own eyes the “Rocket” fireplace. Also visit the New Year’s “Elka” and try to get to the main prize of the route along “Cat Hill”. You will also be able to ascend from the Red Poppies hall through an amazing well created by nature, with an elegant shape called the Keyhole.

3. Personal equipment

— International passport with at least 3 months until its completion;

— Trekking shoes, comfortable, with non-slip soles, resistant to moisture;

— Trekking poles (optional);

— Backpack (about 20-30l);

— Seat;

— Clothes are comfortable and appropriate for the season;

- Headdress;

— Capacity for drinking water (2 liters);

— Personal hygiene products (paper, napkins, sanitizer);

- Headlamp;

— Personal utensils (cup, plate, spoon);

— Thermos (optional, one for two or three);

2. What is included in the price

— Transfer to the excursion site and back to Chisinau;

— Meals in the caving camp;

— Rent of the necessary equipment for visiting the cave;

— Accommodation in a cave camp (rooms for 8 people);

— Visit to the Kamenets-Podolsk fortress;

— Necessary insurances.

4. Additional information

IMPORTANT!!! In case of bad weather, the guide reserves the right to postpone the event or change the route for safety reasons. The guide reserves the right to postpone the event or change the route for safety reasons. Registration is required.

For any additional questions, as well as registration issues, please contact:
Rusnac Dimian

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