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2 days




12 people



Hiking at the volcano

Mud volcanoes - Bucegi Mountains and Peles Castle

Exclusive program.

You will definitely discover something new for yourself! The program is structured in such a way that in 2 days we will collect the most interesting locations of this trip.

The journey will begin from a mountain plateau at an altitude of almost 2000 meters, we will enjoy the views – autumn meadows and the Bucegi mountain range.

We will descend along picturesque paths through a coniferous forest. Among the attractions of Romania, the amazing Peles Castle occupies a special place; it is to it that the mountain serpentines will lead us.

We will spend the night in a cozy hotel, and in the morning an amazing continuation awaits us. A location that is one of the most beautiful hidden gems to visit in Romania.

There are the largest active mud volcanoes in Europe, which will give you an incredible experience visiting another planet. Ever wondered what it would be like to walk through otherworldly landscapes?

The largest of the cauldrons erupt every few minutes and, if you wait patiently, there is a chance to see "mud fountains": which can sometimes be as tall as you are. Volcanic mud is caustic and toxic, so it is best not to touch it. Let's go to the volcanoes together!

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1. Program

According to plan:

- Mountains first

— Let's continue in the castle

- Let's finish with volcanoes!

3. Personal equipment

For the trip, it is important to take the following things: a backpack for personal belongings, a rug/mat/foam, basic shoes and flip-flops, a sun hat or buff, sunglasses, sunscreen, a personal first aid kit, personal hygiene items, a mug, a spoon and a plate.

2. What is included in the price

The price includes comfortable transport Chisinau - Sinaia - Chisinau, hotel accommodation, medical insurance, instruction and support by an experienced instructor with knowledge of the surrounding area. Our experts will provide consultations and give recommendations on the selection of equipment and clothing. Participants will enjoy stunning scenery, new contacts and an unforgettable travel experience!

4. Additional information

All participants in the hike undergo training.

Registration is required.

For any additional questions, as well as registration issues, please contact:

Rusnac Dimian


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